Saturated Drums

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This is a sample pack produced from the Korg KR Mini drum machine going through the Korg Kaosspad 2S Mini for effects. Everything was recorded to a Type II cassette tape using a Tascam Porta02mkII, with a very hot signal for extra saturation.

Each file in the pack includes all the 6 patterns and 2 fills for each of the 10 genres available in the KR Mini. Each genre has its own effects from the Kaosspad:

  1. 8 beat: Reverb Filter
  2. 16 beat: HPF delay
  3. Rock: Decimator
  4. Metal: Ring Mod HPF
  5. Pop: Flanger
  6. R&B: Mix Grain
  7. Jazz: Talk Filter
  8. Latin: One Delay
  9. Dance: Dist Isolator
  10. User: Dist Isolator

The patterns were recorded at approximately 40 (for Slothcore), 90, and 120 BPM. Timings are approximate, since the KR Mini doesn't display the BPM and it can only be set via a very imprecise knob.

All samples are available before tape (going through effects and the Porta02 preamp only) or after tape, for a total of 60 samples (10 genres × 3 BPM × pre/post tape). The downloads are available in FLAC and MP3.

Listen to a few of the loops here:

Note: this is $1 because Gumroad requires a minimum price on products with big downloads. If you want, you can download the samples for free from my Ko-fi shop:

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Sample pack with 60 royalty free processed and saturated drum loops

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Saturated Drums

0 ratings
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