Weird drums for fun and profit

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I was reading this amazing collection of interviews with producers by Martin Yam Møller. One of the questions that he asks all producers is "[what is the] most surprising tip/trick/technique that you’ve discovered about a bit of kit?"

In his interview, Hainbach links to one of his videos where he teaches how to use a phaser to generate drums sounds. He uses the click from a Korg SQ-1 to generate fantastic sounds by cranking up the resonance in his phaser — you must watch it, it's magical!

I decided to give it a try at home, using the Empress ZOIA as a phaser and delay. Since the ZOIA has two inputs I decided to use a Korg Volca instead of the SQ-1, so I could have drums and melody from a single machine! I decided to give the Volca FM a try, since I hadn't used it for a while.

I wasn't really happy with the FM sounds, but the drums sounds from processing the sync out on the ZOIA turned out to be super fun! So much that I decided to record 19 loops and make them available for free in a little sample pack. The loops were all recorded by running the Volca FM at 40 BPM, so they are in 80 BPM because the sync runs twice as fast.

The samples all have names that should give an idea of how they sound like:

  1. Alien waltz
  2. Alien whistle
  3. Belly laugh
  4. Conga
  5. Crazy clock
  6. Crossing hyperspace
  7. Drum roll
  8. Happy bongo
  9. Leaky kick
  10. One-two-three
  11. Robot space force
  12. Robot v8
  13. Scratched vinyl
  14. Space bubbles
  15. Tap tap tap
  16. Tuning the radio
  17. Turn the tape
  18. Waltzing in the rain
  19. You're going to damage the speakers

I've released the whole collection as public domain, so you can use them commercially, resell them, use them as your ringtone, or whatever! Just have fun!

All proceeds from sales will go to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance (

I want this!

19 drum loops @ 80 BPM

WAV 24 bits 48 kHz
Public domain
39.5 MB
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Weird drums for fun and profit

0 ratings
I want this!